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We hope you celebrated Earth Day by frolicking through a field of wildflowers and singing tortured poems. Obviously, the next logical thing to do is apply for an Impact Job that preserves the planet. Scroll down for a bunch of ‘em.

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  • Meme of the Week

  • Article of the Week: Get Paid to Fight Climate Change

  • New Job Opportunities

  • Win of the Week: Dairy Farm Uses Manure to Generate Renewable Natural Gas

  • Bummer of the Week: Has Capitalism Hijacked Earth Day?

Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Get Paid to Fight Climate Change

Happy belated Earth Day, Impact Jobbers! You may or may not have seen the White House’s big ole Earth Day announcement…we understand if you were spending your time scrolling TikTok while you still can instead.

In any case, we’re breaking it all down for you today. President Biden announced that you can now apply to become a member of the American Climate Corps and get paid to fight climate change. Pretty sweet, huh?

There are already hundreds of job listings on the White House’s website and soon expected to reach 2000 openings.

Jobs include things like:

  • Becoming a botany technician in Nevada

  • Joining a trail crew in New Mexico

  • Working as a conservation fellow in Montana

  • Installing solar panels in Texas

  • Educating kids about gardening in California

The jobs currently span 36 states, including Puerto Rico and Washington, DC. Most of them require no previous experience and offer on-the-job training. The President’s goal is to employ 20,000 people in the program’s first year and 200,000 by year five. If you ask us, this is something to get excited about!

Sound like a good fit for you? If you want to do hands-on work that makes a direct impact on the well-being of the planet, you’re a shoo-in. However, keep in mind that these are government jobs we’re talking about, so they come with government pay. Most of them are hourly jobs that range from $12.50-$23.

If you still want to make a positive impact on the world + make those dolla dolla bills, scroll down to apply for an Impact Job.

New Job Opportunities

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Win of the Week:

The Clean Energy Fuels Corp announced its latest renewable natural gas installment at a dairy farm in South Dakota. Victory Farms will now use the manure of 6,000 Jersey cows to produce roughly 900,000 gallons of negative carbon-intensive renewable natural gas every year.

Bummer of the Week:

Has capitalism stolen Earth Day? The holiday, which started as a protest in 1970, is now a major marketing opportunity for brands. Check out this article to learn more about the history of Earth Day and how it has changed over the years.