03/14/24 Newsletter

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And the award for sticking it out at a bad job for too long goes to…you. Ready to make a change? Scroll down to start applying for social impact jobs that will make your life and the world better. Remember, you are Kenough.

Here's what we got on tap for you today

  • Meme of the Week

  • Article of the Week: Love Books? Check Out This Job at Book Harvest

  • New Job Opportunities

  • Win of the Week: NYC to Create Nearly 400,000 “Green Collar” Jobs

  • Bummer of the Week: Tesla Receives Poor Safety Ratings

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Meme of the Week

Article of the Week

Love to Read? Book Harvest is Looking for Job Candidates Like You

This one goes out to the book girlies and the booktokers. Do you spend all of your free time reading, stalking the library for new holds, and obsessively updating your Goodreads shelves?

Do you dream of being Kathleen Kelly, running The Shop Around the Corner on the Upper West Side of NYC? (You know, before an all-too-charming Tom Hanks swooped in and ended her career. So romantic.)

If that’s you, stop your crying because we’ve got the perfect non-profit for you to apply for a job at. Allow us to introduce you to Book Harvest.

Book Harvest is on a mission to get more kids reading. They’re an award-winning and rapidly growing non-profit that has already provided more than 2 million books to young kiddos, and they partner with families to help promote a lifelong love of reading.

Here’s their dating profile:

  • Founded: 2011

  • Based in Durham, North Carolina

  • Company Size: less than 50 employees

  • Work remote policy: all positions are hybrid but must be based in Durham, NC

Want to join the mission and help more kids fall in love with books?

Book Harvest is currently looking for a Director of Finance to join the team. Learn more about the role here.

Not the right fit for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your impact-job-application-hunting back. Scroll down for our full job board!

New Job Opportunities

Post Your Own Impact Job

Are you hiring in the social impact space? Post your position on our job board and getcha some qualified applications from the best darn newsletter subscriber list on the Internet. We might even feature your job in this here newsletter!

Win of the Week:

New York City officials announced the creation of more than 260,000 “green-collar” jobs over the next 15 years, to reach nearly 400,000 jobs by 2040. The jobs will include solar panel installation, building EV charging stations, building wind turbines, and more.

Bummer of the Week:

Ready to switch to an electric self-driving Tesla? Hold your horses, cause Tesla’s autopilot features just got poor ratings from prominent safety rating group The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.